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Addison, TX, is a foodie paradise, with nearly 200 restaurants to explore and enjoy. However, humans aren’t the only ones looking for food. Local pests are also hungry, and they look for food, water, and shelter in our homes and businesses. That means we’re in danger of experiencing infestation, which is a huge threat that should be addressed. If you want to guard your home or business from pest infestation, the best approach is to call on your local pest professionals.
Evolve Pest Control has provided pest control services to homes and commercial properties throughout the DFW metroplex since 2010. Every job we do is performed under these five core values: integrity, drive, personal development, unselfishness, and positivity. From start to finish, our goal is to bring you the most positive pest experience possible, “providing peace of mind through consistency and excellence!” Call us today to learn more.

Home Pest Control In Addison, TX

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Our residential pest control solutions give Addison homeowners continued protection from household infestation. First, we perform a thorough home inspection, looking for common area invaders, such as ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Once we familiarize ourselves with the extent of the infestation, we get right to work treating the premises from top to bottom. 

  • Ant control treatments for black ants, pharaoh ants, and fire ants.

  • De-webbing eaves and other areas.

  • Interior crack and crevice treatment around the house.

  • Returning for bi-monthly follow-up services.

  • Spraying around windows and doors.

  • Sweeping and spray treatments for fence line perimeter.

  • Treating and eliminating sources of standing water.

  • Using granulated pest control products to treat lawn and shrubbery.

Whatever the nature of your household pest problem, you can count on us to deliver the results that you and your loved ones deserve. We also offer additional services for bed bug control, bee control, interior flea control, German cockroach control, mosquito control, rodent control, and termite control. Reach out today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Addison, TX

Known as the restaurant capital of Texas, the town of Addison has more restaurants per capita than any state in the country. That means for restaurant owners, competition is fierce, and nothing can take down a reputation quite like commercial pest infestation. The best thing for local business owners to do is reach out to their local pest professionals. 
Here at Evolve Pest Control, we service all kinds of businesses with commercial pest solutions. We’ve worked with a variety of facilities, such as casinos, educational facilities, homeowners’ associations, restaurants, veterinary clinics, and warehouses. Our team customizes a treatment plan for every individual business. We use quality products that are human-friendly, animal-friendly, and eco-friendly. Plus, we return for monthly or bi-monthly follow-up services depending on your needs and preferences. Contact us today for your free, over-the-phone estimate.

What Is The Most Effective Termite Treatment In Addison?

Termites can cause serious damage to your property, which is why it’s important to guard your structure at all costs. As termites feed on and nest in the structural timbers of your home or business, the construction weakens and rots until it’s unsafe for everyone inside of the building. 
If you want to protect your property from termite activity, it’s important to eliminate all sources of excess moisture. Also, be sure to keep your wood stored away from soil, and a good distance from the perimeter of your structure. Make sure you get rid of any moisture damaged or rotting wood, and apply weather stripping to windows and doors to block access.
The most trusted way to deal with termite infestation is to reach out to your local pest professionals. To protect your property from infestation, you can count on Evolve Pest Control. Contact us today to further discuss your termite control and prevention needs, and how we can be of service. Our team is eager to help. So, reach out to us, and we’ll get started right away.

How To Identify A Poisonous Spider In Addison, TX

Texas is home to a variety of spider species. House spiders and wolf spiders are some of the most common species in the area, and while these species don’t pose a real threat, there are some other species that do. Here in Addison, we have brown recluse and black widow spiders, both of which are poisonous. Here are some helpful ways to identify them:

Brown Recluse

  • Hidden in dark areas like attics, closets, cabinets, and clothing piles.

  • Brown in color with black violin-shaped marks on the head.

  • Legs are covered in short hairs.

  • Cytotoxic venom that can cause skin tissue to decay.

Black Widow

  • Prefer remote areas with minimal human activity.

  • Females are black in color, with a red spot on their abdomen. 

  • Males are brown, and rarely emerge from their hiding spaces.

  • Neurotoxic venom effects nerves and nerve tissues.

If you think you may be exposed to brown recluse or black widow spiders, it’s important to act as soon as possible. If you are bitten by one of these poisonous predators, you can suffer from serious reactions. Evolve Pest Control offers dependable spider control and prevention services to keep you away from these dangerous arachnids. Call today for your detailed estimate.


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