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This formerly historic town is located on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is filled with locally-owned businesses, well-maintained parks, and attractions. With good schools as well, Alvarado is an ideally located destination for individuals and families alike. The area is warm and dry all year long with little rainfall and a peak in temperatures during the summer months. While these conditions are ideal for many people, they also draw common area pests like termites, cockroaches, rodents, wildlife, and scorpions, to name a few.

For more than a decade, Evolve Pest Control has been dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses with the highest quality eco-friendly pest control. Our emphasis is on providing an unmatched customer experience, technicians that are constantly being educated on the latest technologies, and we guarantee all of our services. Contact us today for more information on keeping your property free from pests

Home Pest Control In Alvarado, TX

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When pests invade your home, they invade your safe place. That’s why Evolve Pest Control is here. We’re dedicated to providing homeowners of Alvarado with pest control solutions that are both safe and effective. We utilize only the best environmentally friendly products, are constantly educating our technicians, and offer a pest-free guarantee that you simply won’t find elsewhere. From beginning to end, our process is designed to put your unique needs at the forefront. That’s why we listen to homeowners and work to design treatment and service plans that will keep pests out of your home no matter what season it is. Whether you’re looking to prevent a pest problem or need to eradicate a current one, contact Evolve Pest Control today and say goodbye to pests with our residential pest control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Alvarado, TX

At Evolve Pest Control, we seek to ensure that every business in Alvarado is safe and free from pests. Whether your business is a warehouse, school, retail operation, or restaurant, we will work together to create long-lasting results that give you peace of mind. We utilize only the best eco-friendly products, have a team of expert, friendly technicians that undergo regular training, and offer streamlined customer service for your convenience. With more than a decade of experience in operation, we’ve seen it all, which is why we’re uniquely qualified to tackle all of your industry-specific needs.

We always go above and beyond for our commercial clients because we know how detrimental an infestation can be. That is why quality and consistency are the bedrock of our operations and we always aim to be the most communicative, responsive, and caring commercial pest control company in the area. Contact us today for guaranteed results from all of your pest dilemmas; we look forward to working with you. 

All The Ways You Attract Alvarado Mosquitoes Without Knowing

According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world because of the dangerous pathogens they spread. Some people may even have mosquito-borne diseases or viruses and never know because they are asymptomatic. Even if you don’t contract one of these viruses or diseases, no one wants to deal with the itchy side effects of a mosquito bite. Here are some of the ways you might be attracting mosquitoes to your Alvarado property without even knowing:

  • Having type O blood

  • Being pregnant

  • Sweating profusely

  • Wearing scented hygiene products or perfume

  • Donning dark-colored clothing

  • Spending time outside during dusk and dawn

  • Allowing pockets of stagnant water to pool around your property

Mosquito season is long, ranging from April through October, so preventing their presence can feel like a full-time job. That’s why the most effective and safest way to keep your Alvarado property clear of mosquitoes is with eco-friendly solutions from the professionals at Evolve Pest Control. Contact us today for more information about our mosquito control services.

The Trick To Spotting Signs Of Termites On Your Alvarado Property

Termites chew through the wood in and around your Alvarado property constantly, which means a tremendous amount of damage and costly repairs. Too often, termites go undetected because they work in areas that are either hard-to-reach or hardly visited by humans. That is why looking out for the signs of termites is key. Here are some of the most telling signs:

  • Termites themselves

  • Piles of sawdust-like material, which is actually termite excrement known as frass

  • Hollow-sounding walls

  • Bubbling paint or wallpaper

  • Blistering wood floors or door frames

  • Maze-like patterns that resemble shredded wood

  • A musky odor

When dealing with termites, prevention is critical, however, sometimes property owners aren’t so lucky. Regardless of whether you’re looking to monitor for termites or safely remove a colony, contacting Evolve Pest Control is the safest option for termite control. 


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