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Incorporated in 1963, Argyle, TX has hot summers, mild winters, and rural character. Our small-town lifestyle makes way for friendly people and welcoming neighbors. However, is it possible Argyle is too friendly? Nearby pest populations love it here in Argyle, helping themselves to sources of food, water, and shelter throughout our homes and businesses. That means all Argyle properties are vulnerable to pest infestation, and getting the proper protection is absolutely crucial.

Luckily, you’re in good hands. The team at Evolve Pest Control is here to address all your residential and commercial pest control needs. Since 2010, we’ve been “providing peace of mind through consistency and excellence!” Once our expert technicians determine the nature of your infestation, our team customizes a treatment plan to meet your needs. If you’re looking for lasting Denton County pest control, you can count on us. Reach out today for your complimentary quote.

Home Pest Control In Argyle, TX

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Your Argyle home is no place for pest activity; however, the threat of household pest infestation is very real. Household pests threaten the health and safety of your family and loved ones, and that’s why it’s important to protect yourself.

The best protection you can secure is ongoing services from a team of licensed pest professionals. Our residential pest control treatments include:

  • Spraying around windows and doors

  • Sweeping and spray treatments for fence line perimeter

  • De-webbing eaves and other areas

  • Treating and eliminating sources of standing water

  • Using granulated pest control products to treat lawn and shrubbery

  • Ant control treatments for black ants, pharaoh ants, and fire ants

Your safety and well-being come first, which is why all of our products are safe for you, your loved ones, your pets, and the environment around us. After the initial treatment, we come back throughout the year for bi-monthly follow-up services to keep you safe moving forward. Contact us today to request your free, over-the-phone estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In Argyle, TX

A commercial pest infestation can cause large-scale consequences for your Argyle business, threatening your reputation, not to mention your employees and customers. Here at Evolve Pest Control, our commercial pest control solutions protect all kinds of local properties, including casinos, educational facilities, homeowners associations, restaurants, veterinary clinics, and warehouses.

Our commercial process gives you:

  • Effective treatments using high-quality products

  • Thorough customer communication

  • Same-day services and a money-back guarantee

  • Ongoing monitoring of property

  • Monthly or bi-monthly treatments

After conducting a thorough interior and exterior inspection of the premises, we develop a customized treatment strategy to target the nature of your infestation specifically. Our team of highly trained pest experts uses trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Solutions to target the source of the infestation, treating the problem in a proactive way that gives your business lasting pest protection. Call today to learn more.

How To Keep Spiders From Invading Your Argyle Home

They’re creepy, and they’re crawly, and we just don’t want them inside of our houses. Spiders are eight-legged pests that no homeowner wants to discover in their house. In order to prevent spiders from getting into your home, there are certain preventative measures you can take to minimize your exposure to them:

  • Bock entry points – Use caulk or foam to seal up cracks and crevices and install or repair window and door screens to prevent entry.

  • Eliminate food sources - Keep other bugs away from the property, as getting rid of their food source reduces their incentive for infestation.

  • Keep things clean – Reduce clutter, thoroughly dust, and sweep around the house, and remove any webs that develop.

The most effective way to deal with spiders is to secure ongoing services from pest professionals. Call in the team at Evolve Pest Control for complete spider control and prevention services. We’re here to keep spiders from invading your Argyle home, so reach out today, and we’ll get started.

Argyle Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

Not only is termite damage a costly expense, but it is also harmful to the safety of your property’s structure, putting you and everyone on the premises in harm’s way. Here are some useful prevention tips for reducing your chances of experiencing a termite infestation:

  • Eliminate wood-to-soil contact.

  • Examine all wood before bringing it onto your property.

  • Get rid of any rotting or moisture-damaged wood.

  • Reduce excess moisture around the property.

  • Repair rotten areas of the roof to prevent entry.

  • Use a dehumidifier in moisture-rich areas.

  • Use vent fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

While it’s always a good idea to be proactive in your termite prevention efforts, none of these methods are guaranteed to work on their own. The safest thing to do is call up the experts at Evolve Pest Control. We offer effective termite control for Argyle property owners, so contact us, and we’ll set up your free inspection.


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