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Pest Control In Arlington, Texas 

Located within the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area, Arlington is a popular city that offers a mix of suburban and urban lifestyles. Many residents find the place perfect for settling down or opening up their own small business. However, pests thrive in these types of areas, and invasions of pests in Arlington can quickly turn enjoyable daily life into an unhygienic nightmare. 

Here is where Tarrant County pest control steps in – at Evolve Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being able to serve both residential and commercial properties, all while keeping our customer’s exact needs in mind. Every treatment plan we put in place is thorough and detailed, and we only use high-quality products to maintain the safety of our customers and their loved ones.

Additionally, we offer same-day services and services on weekends, so no matter when you notice your pest problem at home or around your commercial property, you can receive assistance as quickly as possible.

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Residential Pest Control In Arlington

arlington tx pest control

Keeping your Arlington home safe from pests is something we pride ourselves on – customer happiness and fulfilling your exact residential pest control needs is step number one in every treatment plan. We keep these goals in mind as we work to eliminate pests from your property.  

Our technicians are skilled in eliminating common Arlington residential pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, scorpions, stinging insects, rodents, and termites. We can quickly provide you with a free estimate over the phone before coming out to treat your property, and every service we provide has a money-back guarantee. We are confident that we can keep your home safe from pests year-round!

To ensure your home stays safe, hygienic, and relaxing, contact us today for more advice or to discuss starting treatment for your pest issues.

Commercial Pest Control In Arlington 

At Evolve Pest Control, we understand the importance of protecting your business from pests and the value of having a company that you can rely on. Our technicians are dependable and specialize in treating commercial properties such as casinos, restaurants, warehouses, and schools. This experience and knowledge of what commercial properties need to stay safe from pests allow us to offer you the best, most comprehensive pest control services in the Arlington area.

Our commercial treatment plans and tactics consider your property’s needs and specific pest issues; this allows us to tailor treatment services and remove pests from your property in the most effective way possible. Our commercial pest control plans are consistent and effective, giving you guaranteed pest-free results!

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Why Homes in Arlington Need Professional Termite Protection   

Termites are a highly destructive pest, and hosting them in your Arlington home can seriously destroy the wooden areas of your property. Over time, uncontrolled termite infestations can lead to structural collapse and costly repairs, which no homeowner wants to handle.

To keep this pest at bay to avoid termite damage, you can follow these prevention tips:

  • Reduce soil to wood contact around your foundation.
  • Remove tree stumps from your yard.
  • Keep grass trimmed low and cut back overgrown foliage.
  • Store firewood far away from your home.
  • Inspect all lumber and wooden materials before moving them onto your property.

Additionally, you should be investing in professional termite protection. Only our service technicians at Evolve Pest Control can help inspect your property for termites and establish safeguards against infestations of this pest.

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Expert Advice On Fire Ant Control For Your Arlington Property

Fire ants are one of the most troublesome ants, thanks to their large colony size and their painful bites. These bites may even trigger allergic reactions in specific individuals due to their venom and the fact that fire ants swarm over any threat they come across – this means you’re at risk whether or not you purposely disturbed their mound.

We recommend making your yard the least favorable to this pest when it comes to fire ant control for your Arlington property. Reduce the factors that attractants fire ants, such as access to water, food, and shelter by keeping your yard free of debris, the grass trimmed low, and any moisture issues fixed. You should also refrain from leaving food and drink out in your yard and cover up any trash cans to prevent scavenging.

In addition to these tips, contact our service technicians at Evolve Pest Control for more fire ant removal assistance.


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