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Are Bed Bugs Making It Hard To Sleep At Night?

Bed bug infestations are one of those things that you hear about, but never believe can happen to you. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are becoming more and more common, and they can happen to anyone – including you. If you are waking up with bites and suspect bed bugs are the cause, contact Evolve Pest Control for help.

Our Bed Bug Control Process

a pest control service technician inspecting a bedroom for bed bugs inside of a home in las vegas nevada

Bed Bug Inspection

Identifying a bed bug infestation is vital before performing treatments. Several bugs look similar to bed bugs, and you want to make sure you are treating for the right pest. Evolve Pest Control offers bed bug inspections that will determine exactly which pest is invading your home. We’ll inspect your entire house, paying particular attention to mattresses, bed frames, curtains, wall hangings, closets, baseboards, and more. If we identify bed bug activity, we’ll determine the severity of the infestation and provide a quote for our services.

Bed Bug Treatment

Our Las Vegas/Mesquite and Dallas/Fort Worth bed bug treatments are whole-house liquid treatments. Your first treatment can take up to three hours to complete. During the service, we’ll treat the cracks and crevices in your bed frames, seams in your mattresses, wall voids, electrical outlets, furniture, behind wall hangings and curtains, and more.

Follow-Up Service

Your first follow-up treatment will take place seven to fourteen days after the initial treatment. We’ll perform the same treatment as the initial one. Seven to fourteen days after your second treatment, we’ll perform a third follow-up spot treatment and look for any evidence of continued bed bug activity.

Guaranteed Bed Bug Services To Get You Back To Sleep

With bed bug control from Evolve, you can rest easy knowing that your bed bug problem is gone. Our bed bug control service comes with a 30-day warranty, so if you find any signs of bed bugs within 30 days of our last treatment, we’ll return to re-treat your home at no additional charge. Get back to sleep at night with help from Evolve Pest Control. To request your bed bug inspection or schedule our pest control service in Las Vegas/Mesquite or the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, contact us today!


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