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Pest Control In Bedford, Texas

Offering a suburban community, Bedford is a popular place to live in Texas and is situated close to the major cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. It gives residents many different restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to frequent, making day-to-day life enjoyable.

At Evolve Pest Control, we’re committed to keeping your daily life in Bedford peaceful and stress-free. For us, this means offering the best Tarrant County pest control possible; our service technicians are highly skilled, thoroughly trained, and use only the best quality products to protect your home or business. With our assistance, any active infestation of pests can be taken care of, and your property can stay protected from unwanted invaders year-round.

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Residential Pest Control In Bedford

bedford tx pest control

Protecting your Bedford home is essential to avoid all of the nuisance and potential dangers that a pest infestation can cause. Common Bedford pests such as spiders, scorpions, ants, cockroaches, termites, and rodents can create havoc in your home and leave you with costly repairs or avoidable illnesses. Our service technicians at Evolve Pest Control are experts at treating all of these pests and more, and we won’t waste time addressing your infestation issues.

Every step of our residential pest control plan keeps your property’s exact needs in mind. We strive to provide pest control solutions that efficiently rid your property of pests and give you the best customer service experience possible.

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Commercial Pest Control In Bedford  

Every business owner in Bedford wants their commercial property protected from pests year-round. After all, an infestation of pests can result in serious issues such as destruction, costly repairs, and health risks for both employees and customers or clients. Our service technicians at Evolve Pest Control understand how important it is to keep your business protected and hygienic, so all of our treatment plans are specifically tailored to your property’s exact needs.

These customized treatment plans allow us to target specific pest issues and eliminate them promptly, allowing you to reclaim your property and keep things running smoothly. Our service technicians utilize high-quality products with as little toxicity as possible and strive to provide excellent customer service along with expert commercial pest control solutions to protect your business from pests in no time.

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Just How Dangerous Is Bedford's Black Widow Spider? 

Though many different spider species are roaming around Bedford, the black widow spider is considered one of the most medically dangerous to humans. Bites from the black widow spider can be painful and result in severe symptoms such as muscle pain and stiffness, nausea, vomiting, trouble breathing, and severe abdominal pain. In rarer cases, bites from a black widow spider can be fatal.

Because of the many risks of hosting black widow spiders on your property, it is important to follow prevention tips. Store firewood away from your home, wear gloves when sorting through wood or debris, and declutter your home often to reduce spider hiding spots. You should meet any suspected black widow spider bite with immediate medical attention.

Additionally, you should be contacting us at Evolve Pest Control for help in eliminating black widow spider populations and protecting your property from reinfestation.

Everything You Need To Know For Total Rodent Control In Your Bedford Home

Total rodent control is essential in Bedford if you want to keep out this highly destructive and incredibly unsanitary pest. There are a few prevention techniques you can implement around your home to deter rodent invasions:

  • Place chew-proof sealing materials in front of potential entry points like cracks around windows, doors, or your home’s roof and foundation.
  • Dispose of all trash in sealed bags promptly and use trash cans with fitted lids whenever possible.
  • Don’t leave out food or drink spills, and store leftover food properly.
  • Fix leaks that may be creating a moist environment and providing a water source for rodents.
  • Keep your yard free of debris and the grass trimmed low to eliminate rodent hiding spots.

Additionally, you should reach out to our service technicians at Evolve Pest Control at the first sign of active rodent infestations because this is the only fool-proof way to keep this pest away from your home for good.


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