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7 Easy & Effective Scorpion Control Tips For Vegas Property Owners

October 15, 2020

Anything can happen in Las Vegas, but that’s not always a good thing. Just as easily as you can win big at the casino, you can also get stung by a scorpion. In Nevada’s arid climate, Las Vegas residents would do well to keep an eye out for these dangerous pests. Most scorpions are harmless, and a scorpion’s sting is rarely fatal. Still, save yourself the stress and discomfort by learning how to control a scorpion... Read More

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The Most Effective Way To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Dallas Home

September 30, 2020

Dallas is a beautiful city with lots of splendid outdoor areas. There are spots to have group picnics, be athletic, take a stroll, or go on a hike. Residents might think twice about being in nature though because there are bugs and creatures hanging around. And many species can sting or bite you, and/or transfer diseases. For instance, mosquitoes can absorb animal blood and then transmit diseases to humans.... Read More

earwig crawling on leaf

Are Earwigs In Las Vegas Dangerous?

September 15, 2020

There are many insects and creatures that people fear. Are earwigs one of these creatures that evokes fear in you? Earwigs are creepy-looking insects that have a reputation for crawling in ears while someone is asleep. Other than that, most people know little about them. Read on to get the skinny on these creatures, and how Evolve Pest Control can protect you from them.... Read More

a black widow spider in a home

Las Vegas's Helpful Guide To Dangerous Spiders

August 28, 2020

Some experts estimate that there are over 3,500 spider species in the United States. Fortunately, only a small number are considered to be dangerous. They fall into two categories: widow spider species and brown recluse spider species... Read More

wolf spider crawling on ground

Five Effective Spider Control Tips For Dallas Property Owners

August 14, 2020

We have wolf spiders creeping around in our landscaping. We have grass spiders making webs in our vegetation. And we have black widow spiders setting up webs in brush piles, yellow garden orb weaver spiders creating webs in just the right place for us to walk through them, and brown recluse spiders making webs in holes and crevices... Read More

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