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At the far reaches of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex sits the city of Celina, which is noted as one of the area’s fastest-growing communities. With good public schools, an array of places to live, a remarkable level of safety, and restaurants to feed every appetite, it’s no wonder why so many families and individuals look to make Celina their home. With this idyllic southern location comes a steady warmth throughout the year that reaches its highest point over the summer. While this provides residents with many opportunities for outdoor activities, it also means that there are constantly reasons why pests invade local homes and businesses. 

At Evolve Pest Control, we know the local environment unlike anyone else and we know how to beat local pests. Since our inception more than a decade ago, we have always been committed to excellence and reliability, and to this day, we continue to conduct our business in the same way. For more information on our offerings, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Celina, TX

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Our mission at Evolve Pest Control is to bring the homeowners of Celina the absolute finest pest control service around. As a locally-owned business, we believe that taking care of our community is our duty, and this is something that we strive for every day. By providing homeowners with safe, eco-friendly solutions to pest problems, we’re able to prove that you never have to sacrifice your safety in order to yield results. When you contact Evolve Pest Control, we provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to begin, and from there, we thoroughly inspect your property to determine any current activity or potential problems. We’ll treat the exterior of your home extensively and will treat inside your home as needed. Lastly, we offer routine follow-ups and maintenance in order to keep your home pest-free all year long. For more information on our residential pest control offerings, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Celina, TX

Pest problems can mean big problems for your Celina business, as they can put your staff’s health at risk, damage your property, and harm your reputation. At Evolve Pest Control, we seek to help businesses avoid all of that with simple, safe, and effective commercial pest control services. Over the last decade, we’ve been dedicated to the ongoing success of the businesses in our community and serving them with excellence and integrity. When you partner with Evolve Pest Control, you will always receive a customized protection plan and a pest-free guarantee that you won’t find elsewhere. Our technicians are highly trained and undergo regular education in order to always bring you the very best quality of service. And every treatment that we apply is eco-friendly, making it safe for your staff and customers as well as the environment. If your business could benefit from proactive or corrective pest control, contact us today. 

What Smells Will Keep Celina Bed Bugs Away?

Bed bugs gain access to Celina homes latched onto items like used furniture, your belongings after traveling, or because of a wildlife problem on your property. Once bed bugs have landed inside your home, they feed off of humans in their sleep, leaving behind red bumps that can prove very uncomfortable. Some of the smells that bed bugs hate, and therefore, may keep them at a distance are:

  • Lavender

  • Mint

  • Citrus

  • Basil

  • Cinnamon

  • Garlic

The safest, most effective way to both eradicate a bed bug infestation and prevent one, to begin with is with the help of a professional exterminator. At Evolve Pest Control, we use eco-friendly solutions to treat bed bugs so that you’ll never have to worry about your safety or the safety of anyone in your home. Sleep easy knowing that bed bugs are history with our inspections, treatments, and follow-up. Contact Evolve Pest Control today for more information about our bed bug control

How to Tell If Your Celina Home Has a Termite Problem

Termites are responsible for over five billion dollars in damage each year, affecting more than 600,000 homeowners across America each year. This is able to happen because termites work out of sight of humans, their damage often goes unnoticed for well over a year, and because preventing an issue often proves difficult. Here are a few of the telltale signs that your Celina home may have termite damage:

  • Buckling wood

  • Swollen floors

  • Bubbling wallpaper or paint

  • A sweet, musty odor

  • Termite swarmers

  • Piles of frass, which is sawdust-like termite excrement

  • Shed wings

  • Visible mazes within walls, or even your furniture

  • Mud tubes

Preventing termite activity is one of the best investments that Celina homeowners can make in their property. And with assistance from the pros at Evolve Pest Control, that can be a reality. We provide termite inspections, treatments using the exclusive Sentricon® with Always Active™, and Wood-Destroying Insect Reports, so that you’re covered no matter what the situation calls for. To learn more about our termite offerings, contact us today.


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