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Effective pest control consists of two parts: education and application. The service technicians here at Evolve Pest Control are educated in pest habits, habitats, and food preferences. They're also trained in the methods and products used to arrest pest problems and prevent pest infestations. It is essential to have a knowledge of pests and pest control to effectively manage pests and guard against pest problems. Let's take a look at a few examples of pest control in Dallas County.

Home Pest Control In Garland, TX

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When our home pest control service technicians detect pest activity, they use their education to evaluate where pests are nesting, what routes they may be taking, and what food sources may be inspiring habitation. Once these and other essential factors have been evaluated, they get to work applying a solution.

  • If you have an ant problem, it is important to know the ant species. Some ants nest indoors while others don't. Some ants prefer protein, some prefer sugar. Some ants create nests deep in the ground, others create nests near the surface. This data is essential for targeting ant colonies, selecting the proper bait, and applying mound treatments as necessary.

  • If you have a house fly problem, it is important to understand that your technician knows a few things about flies. House flies aren't able to easily reproduce inside, so the fly problem is most likely to be on the outside of your home. House flies are attracted to trash, so moving a receptacle away from an entryway can keep flies from getting inside. Flies can get inside through tiny gaps in your exterior, so perimeter treatments can help keep them out.

  • If you have a bed bug problem, your technician knows that those bugs didn't come into your home from your yard or the perimeter around your home. Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. Once they get inside, they hide in tight spaces, gaps, cracks, and voids. Your technician uses all of this information to find bed bugs and target treatments as needed.

These are only a few examples of the many ways knowledge of pests and pest control go together to get the best results.

Commercial Pest Control In Garland, TX

Smart pest control is the best solution for guarding commercial environments. It is always best to use natural methods first, such as:

  • Sealing entry points in the exterior of your business won't work to completely keep pests out, but doing so provides an essential physical barrier. Pests are attracted to tiny holes and gaps. Removing them removes the incentive for pests to get inside.

  • Certain spiders prefer to create webs in dusty or dirty locations. Wiping down key areas can deter web creation. Removing webs also helps to deter spiders. It sends a signal to the spiders that it is not safe to create webs on, or inside, your business.

  • Poor sanitation can invite a variety of pest problems. Some pests are attracted to rotting organic matter. Some pests are attracted to clutter. Implementation of an effective sanitation strategy can have a big impact on pest activity.

The safety of your employees, customers, and the environment will be a top priority. Along with natural methods, our commercial pest control service technicians will use their education to select appropriate control products and apply them according to all established guidelines. 

Is There More Than One Type Of Mosquito In Garland?

There have been at least 85 species of mosquitoes identified in our state. When developing mosquito control services, industry experts take into consideration the breeding sites and behavior patterns of the mosquitoes that present the greatest concern to human health.

  • Some mosquito species don't travel more than a few hundred feet from where they hatch. When adult mosquitoes are addressed in the hiding places on your property, it takes time for new mosquitoes to replace them. For this reason, fogging treatments have a big impact on mosquito activity.

  • Most mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. In2Care traps work great to eliminate the eggs and adult females of these species.

At Evolve Pest Control, we're always looking for the most effective mosquito control solutions and we draw upon proven strategies developed by industry experts.

What You're Missing For Effective Rodent Control Around Your Garland Home

When you have a rodent problem, is it enough to put down a few traps? If you've done this, you know it isn't. So, what are you missing? Here are a few things your service technician knows about rodents:

  • Mice don't prefer cheese. They prefer peanut butter.

  • Rats are suspicious of new objects placed in their environment and are likely to avoid improperly deployed traps.

  • Norway rats can live in ground burrows and go in and out of a home.

  • Roof rats can not only scale trees and jump onto roofs by way of overhanging branches, but they can also work their way up through the downspouts in gutter systems.

  • Rodents reproduce quickly.

  • An adult rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. An adult mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime.

It is always best to let an educated professional handle rodent control. Do you need rodent control in Dallas County? Reach out to Evolve Pest Control for assistance today. Let our educated and trained service technicians guide you toward the right solution for your rodent problem.


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