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For nearly 10,000 people and counting, the town of Kaufman is perhaps the most sought-after place to raise a family in Texas. This area prides itself on being family-friendly with a small-town atmosphere, encouraging both "Progress and Tradition," as its nickname so fondly reminds. Kaufman was once a small ranch town, and one of the cities responsible for jailing Bonnie from the famed team 'Bonnie and Clyde.' Today, this small village represents a lasting heritage of family-oriented living, among other things. Kaufman homeowners love being surrounded by the rural hills and valleys of the Texan landscape. Interestingly, these features also seem to be a prized attractant for many animal and insect varieties.

Humid weather, hot summers, and mild winters help contribute to Kaufman's frequent levels of pest infestation. Home and business owners in Kaufman and the surrounding areas choose to rely on professional mitigation methods to control future uprisings. One of their pest management options includes Evolve Pest Control, a leader in the residential and commercial pest industries. We simplify pest control by addressing animals long before they infest, using verifiable programs to reduce damage thresholds. Curious to learn more? Call our Kaufman office today to get in touch with a licensed pest exterminator. 

Home Pest Control In Kaufman, TX

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Homeowners all over Kaufman are concerned for the safety of their children, pets, and properties. The advent of serious pest infestations makes this more difficult to do, and as infestation levels climb, so too do other risks for serious damage.

Evolve Pest Control believes in forging ahead, and not staying behind. That’s one of the many reasons why so many folks in Kaufman trust our team to deliver outstanding treatments with outstanding results.

Here are just a few of the ways we provide residential pest control treatments to Kaufman homeowners:

  • Interior and exterior treatments
  • Bi-monthly treatment opportunities
  • Options for continued inspections and support

Learn more about residential treatments from Evolve Pest Control. Call now for a helpful home inspection today.

Commercial Pest Control In Kaufman, TX

If you are planning to purchase commercial pest control treatments near Kaufman, you will want to invest in a business that has your needs in mind. Enter the team at Evolve Pest Control, Central Texas’s most innovating provider of business pest management.

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, our three-step treatment process will help you regain control over your premises:

  1. Thorough property inspections that scout the building and lawn for any sign of damage.
  2. Customizable treatments that are rolled out on your schedule, and no one else's.
  3. Return services and checkups ensure you are operating as intended.

Submit an online contact form to Evolve Pest Control and speak with a commercial pest manager now.

Three Signs You May Have A Termite Problem On Your Kaufman Property

Mysterious tapping sounds inside the walls? Strange sawdust piles on the ground? Mud tunnels running along the floor? You may have a serious termite problem on your hands. Here around Kaufman, wood-eating insects are some of the most dangerous varieties of creature for residential and business facilities. Although their spread can be contained with a professional pest control agency, identifying their initial incursion should be completed as quickly as possible to limit damages.

Below are three of the most common signs for having a termite problem on or around your Kaufman property:

  1. The presence of termite swarmers inside the home
  2. Doors and windows that seem to catch or fit incorrectly
  3. Wood that sounds empty or hollow when tapped

For more termite identification, contact the professional crew at Evolve Pest Control at your earliest convenience and get started on effective termite control.

What Smells Will Keep Kaufman Bed Bugs Away?

Some homeowners believe that certain scents or odors will keep bed bugs away from their homes. Although there are some types of distracting prevention steps you can utilize, the truth is that most scents are unable to dissuade serious bed bug infestations. If you're looking for real bed bug control steps that actually work, follow these tips:

  • Be sure to wash all clothing on the highest possible heat setting after returning from a trip
  • Do whatever you can to check overnight lodgings for signs of bed bug activity. Common signs include droppings, stains, and certain odors. If any of these are noticed, leave the premises at once and alert the room owner as soon as possible.
  • Get ongoing bed bug control from professional experts. Evolve Pest Control is a leading provider of bed bug mitigation techniques in the Kaufman area.

With over a decade of industry experience, Evolve Pest Control has all the tools needed to keep your home safe from bed bugs. Call today to learn more, or submit an online contact form to be added to our roster as soon as possible. Someone will be getting in touch with you shortly. 


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