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The small city of Krum, TX is located just seven miles northwest of Denton. It’s a charming town and a great place to live. However, here in Texas, pest activity is a year-round threat that local property owners should be aware of. Pest infestation puts you in serious danger, and the best way to deal with pests is to reach out to a team of highly trained experts. Evolve Pest Control is here to guard your Krum home or business against pests.

We are a dedicated team of pest professionals that is proud to service homes and businesses throughout the greater DFW metroplex. Our team protects the local community from pest infestation, leading our company under the core values of integrity, drive, personal development, unselfishness, and positivity. We’ve been providing dependable Denton County pest control since 2010, and we’re here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest solutions.

Home Pest Control In Krum, TX

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Krum is such a great place to own a home, so it’s a shame that pests have to enter the picture and ruin all of that. Household pests cause widespread contamination and damage, putting you and the ones you love in harm’s way.

Protecting your property from an infestation can be a lot to handle, which is why we’re here to take care of it for you. Here at Evolve Pest Control, we offer year-round coverage from a long list of common intruders, such as general pests, rodents, stinging insects, and occasional invaders.

Our residential pest control process starts with a thorough inspection to determine the right plan of action. We offer all kinds of home treatments, some of which include spraying around windows and doors, sweeping and spray treatments for the fence line perimeter, and de-webbing the eaves and other areas of the house.

No matter what pest problem you’re facing, we’re here to “provide peace of mind through consistency and excellence!” Get in touch with us today for complete home pest protection; we’re eager to help.

Commercial Pest Control In Krum

No matter what type of business you run here in Krum, you face the threat of pest infestation. There’s nothing crummier than experiencing commercial pest activity, as it can completely destroy your business and your reputation. The best way to protect your facility all year long is to secure ongoing services from pest professionals.

Evolve Pest Control provides dependable commercial pest control solutions to Krum business owners. When you go with Evolve Pest Control, you get:

  • High-quality pest control products that are completely safe

  • Customer communication for the best experience possible

  • Ongoing monthly or bi-monthly treatments for continued monitoring

  • Same-day services and a money-back guarantee

We’ve worked with all kinds of commercial properties, including casinos, educational facilities, homeowners associations, restaurants, veterinary clinics, and warehouses. As members of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association), we uphold a high level of professionalism, bringing our absolute best to every job we do. Call us to request your free over-the-phone estimate.

Five Signs Your Krum Property Has A Rodent Problem

Rodent infestation is an unpleasant experience that no property owner wants to face. The first step to controlling rodents around your home or business is being able to detect signs of rodent activity in the first place. Here are five signs your Krum property has a rodent problem:

1. Droppings like excrement and feces around active areas

2. Nesting materials like shredded paper, fabric, and dried plant matter

3. Indications of rubbing/chewing/gnawing around floors, walls, and entry points

4. Visible marks on wood, apparent holes, and tears in food packaging

5. Strange scratching noises coming from inside the walls at night

If you think there may be rodents on your property, call the team at Evolve Pest Control right away. Our rodent control and prevention services promise you year-round protection from these harmful intruders, so contact us today, and we’ll get started right away.

All The Ways Ants Get Into Krum Homes

Ant infestation is common here in Texas, exposing you to the consequences of infestation, such as widespread contamination and property damage. Ants can be sneaky about accessing your home, and their small size allows them to stay secretive as they spread throughout your property. Here are some of the entry points that help ants get into Krum homes:

  • Cracks in walls and floors

  • Doors and door sweeps

  • Near baseboards along the floors

  • Openings near utility and plumbing lines

  • Unsealed foundation gaps and holes

  • Windows and window frames

If you suspect ant activity in your Krum home, or you just want to be as preventative as possible in your ant control efforts moving forward, the team at Evolve Pest Control is here to help you. Our team is here to detect, exterminate, and prevent ant infestation all year long, so reach out today to discuss your ant control needs today.


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