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With affordable homes and good public schools, the quaint city of Melissa is blossoming into an ideal spot for families to settle. The city offers a sprawling suburban feel, businesses big and small, and well-maintained parks and attractions, providing residents with every amenity they could need. The climate in Melissa is comfortable for the majority of the year; however, when conditions peak over the summer, many pests may find themselves moving into your home or business to escape the heat. In order to avoid situations like these, turn to Evolve Pest Control. Our team of highly trained technicians focuses on providing consistent, reliable services with low-impact products that are safe for people and pets, as well as the environment. For more information on services in your area and to receive a free quote, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Melissa, TX

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When it comes to protecting your Melissa home from pests, you need a team of pest control experts on your side. At Evolve Pest Control, we will be that team. Founded more than a decade ago, we’re a company that believes in always providing excellence and consistency. Our business was founded on the principles of integrity, discipline, personal development, and positivity, all of which we bring to every customer we work with. We begin every customer relationship with a free estimate that is followed up by a detailed inspection of your property. From there, we focus treatment on the exterior of your home but will treat interior cracks and crevices as needed. And with routine maintenance, we’re able to ensure a pest-free living environment. 

All of our offerings come with a service guarantee and our treatments are eco-friendly and safe for people and pets. With reliable communication and convenient scheduling, we make the process of handling pests seamless. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your home safe!

Commercial Pest Control In Melissa, TX

At Evolve Pest Control, we believe that keeping businesses free from pests is the best way to protect the greater community. That’s why we’re committed to providing businesses of all backgrounds with the highest quality, safest treatments around. Our team of professional technicians undergoes regular training to always provide the best services, and with our customized treatment plans, they will always provide you with the exact treatments you need. For more than a decade, we’ve been committed to excellence, which is why we provide a pest-free guarantee, easy scheduling, and comprehensive offerings all year long. If your business could benefit from ongoing pest control, contact us today.

Why Rodents Are A Serious Concern In Melissa

Rodents like mice and rats try to gain access to your Melissa home or business when outside conditions change and they’re in need of food. When this happens, these small pests are capable of causing some very big problems. Some of the reasons why rodents are such a serious concern are:

  • Vulnerability to other pests. When rodents enter your home, they usually make their way inside by squeezing or chewing through cracks in your foundation. Enlarged openings can leave you susceptible to other infestations in the future. Additionally, these pests are notorious carriers of other pests like fleas, ticks, and mites.

  • Damage to property. While gaining access to your home, rodents are capable of causing notable damage to your foundation; however, the real trouble can be found in the interior of your home. Rodents chew incessantly in order to keep their teeth from overgrowing, which may lead to chewing on your walls, molding, door frames, and electrical wiring. This can leave your walls unstable and can even lead to house fires.

  • Their rate of reproduction. Mice reproduce approximately every three to four weeks and can have up to 120 pups each year, with rats producing about half of that number.

  • Difficult nature of catching them. Rodents are nocturnal, which means that they only come out at night, making them harder to spot.

Don’t let rodents become a problem in your Melissa home; contact the team at Evolve Pest Control today for quality rodent control.

Putting An End To Melissa Cockroach Infestations

Cockroach infestations can mean very big problems for Melissa property owners. Not only are these pests capable of infesting food with dangerous pathogens, but once you have an issue with them, they can prove very difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches tend to live out of sight from humans, either around hidden water sources or inside kitchen drawers, have very hard exoskeletons making them hard to crush, and the German cockroach, which is the most common species, is growing immune to many pesticides. That’s why when you want to put an end to your cockroach problems, the best thing you can do is contact the pros at Evolve Pest Control.

We provide property owners with cockroach inspections, treatments that use a blend of baits and liquid treatments, and follow-up services to ensure that your home or business is free from roaches and the health risks that they pose. If any cockroaches are spotted, we’ll spot treat as necessary, and when no more activity is detected, our 30-day warranty will step into effect. For more information on how we can help keep cockroaches out of your property, contact us today.


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