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Roanoke is a northern suburb of the massive Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but we’re a lot closer to the rural countryside that Texas has to offer than other parts of the city. It’s for this reason that Roanoke is actually at a higher level of pest risk. Not only do we have human activity in the metro areas to attract pests to our properties, but we’ve also got nearby natural spaces where pest populations begin. This is why local property owners have to be prepared with proper ways to prevent infestations.

Home Pest Control In Roanoke, TX

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Local homeowners don’t want to waste their time or their money. That’s why, when it comes to pest control, you need to realize the right and wrong way to go about it. While it can seem cheaper to try do-it-yourself control, the truth is that at-home solutions rarely account for all the ways infestations start, hide, and grow. That’s why it’s worth it to turn to pest control experts early on, even before pests are an obvious problem. Professionals can carefully inspect your property for signs of pest activity or the factors that attract them. Our methods also eliminate pests better than at-home methods because professional treatments account for more than just the immediate problem. We protect your home in the long run from a wide range of pests. Here are some more specific reasons why Evolve Pest Control is your best local option:

  • High-Quality Customer Service: We pride ourselves on putting the customer experience first and foremost. Our friendly technicians work with your schedule and match you with effective treatments that meet your budget.
  • Quality Pest Control: Of course, when the chips are down, the most important thing is whether we actually get rid of pests or not. Our treatments are safe, effective, and protect you in the future, not just in the moment.
  • Pest-free Guarantee: All of our services are backed by a pest-free guarantee. If we don’t get rid of the problem, we don’t charge extra for coming back out.

For residential pest control you can rely on, contact Evolve Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Roanoke, TX

The benefits of professional pest control for commercial property owners can’t be overstated. From bugs to rodents to spiders, businesses suffer significant repercussions from having an infestation. There are the immediate dangers of the pests themselves, like property damage and disease. Then there are the side effects of your loss of reputation, like a dwindling client base or even fines from health authorities. Proper pest control is a worthwhile investment for any property owner. Here’s why Evolve Pest Control deserves your business:

  • Many Properties: We help all kinds of businesses, from food service and hospitality to healthcare settings and office spaces.
  • Same-day Services: Because the ramifications can be so dire, we know businesses want pest problems taken care of quickly. This is why we offer same-day services.
  • Environmentally Safe: Our treatments are environmentally safe so as not to harm anyone or anything but the pests causing you grief.

Get commercial pest control done the right way by contacting Evolve Pest Control today.

Benefits Of Professional Ant Treatment For Roanoke Homes

While they may be common pests, ants aren’t all harmless. For one, some species, like destructive carpenter ants or stinging fire ants, are dangerous to people or our property. But all ants, even the ones that don’t sting or damage property, can lead to significant issues. These invaders contaminate food sources and attract other pests, the ones that hunt them, to your property. Professional pest control is the best method for preventing ants and other infestations, stopping the cycle from building.

At Evolve Pest Control, we specialize in effective treatments that protect your property from all kinds of ants and other pests. Let us get started on a thorough inspection of your home today, checking for signs of ant activity or factors around your property that may be leaving you exposed. This kind of reassurance is worth the price, and we strive to provide you with the best services to match your budget and level of need. For true protection from ants in Roanoke, turn to Evolve Pest Control today.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Rodent Control In Roanoke

People often think they can save money by dealing with pest control on their own. But the truth of the matter is that DIY pest control methods are fleeting at best and utterly ineffective at their worst. Rodent infestations prove this time and time again, as people waste money on traps that may kill one or two mice while allowing the dug-in population to grow and find better hiding places. When you add up all the time, money and energy spent trying to fix a problem that just comes right back, it is clear that the better course of action was to just go straight to the pros. Instead of making this mistake, let Evolve Pest Control help you avoid these serious issues caused by rodents:

  • Damage: All rodents have front teeth that grow their entire lives, meaning they must chew on just about anything they can fit their mouths around. This leads to extensive property damage, like marks on wood and damaged electrical cables.
  • Disease: Rodents are also known to spread diseases like salmonella. Plus, they can carry ticks and fleas that pose their own health risks.
  • Population: Rodents breed quickly and in large numbers, which is why not dealing with a population properly will allow it to become a bigger problem.

Contact Evolve Pest Control today to get started on true rodent protection.


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