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Mice and rats may look cute when you see them scampering across a field, but when they get into your property, it's a different matter. A rodent infestation is the source of many problems for your home or business and the people in it. Rodents constantly chew on everything – destroying your property and belongings, and causing dangerous living conditions. Whether you have a current rodent problem in your Las Vegas/Mesquite or Dallas/Fort Worth area home, or you want to prevent one from occurring, Evolve Pest Control can help!

Our Rodent Control Options

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When rodents get into your home , they contaminate living areas – making you and your family vulnerable to illness. Our residential or commercial rodent control is a bi-monthly service that not only eliminates any current rodent problems but also prevents future ones from occurring. Services vary based on your needs, but may include the following options:

  • Bait boxes

  • Exclusion work

  • Glue boards

  • Sanitation services

  • Traps

After your initial treatment, we'll return every few weeks until we resolve the current rodent infestation. We'll then move to bi-monthly service visits. Inspections are always free when you have our recurring service.

Protect Your Property From Rodents With Long-Term Results

Rodents will cause major problems for your property if they decide to move in. Keep rodents out with our recurring rodent control service in Las Vegas/Mesquite, NV and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. We'll eradicate any current and future rodent problems. Contact Evolve Pest Control today to schedule rodent control services.


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