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As you begin to notice signs of pest activity around your Washington home or business, keep in mind that it’s never too soon (or too late) to get professional help. Some of the worst pest infestations start out small, but these are the ones that can destroy your property, over time, or grow into severe health threats before you realize what’s going on. We understand that you have a lot of choices in the area for professional pest control. But, if the stakes are that high, don’t you want a pest control company that will put you first? 

At Evolve Pest Control, we provide innovative pest control products and strategies that create a pest-free home or business without putting any of the occupants or the environment at risk. We also offer: 

  • Same-day pest control services 

  • A money-back guarantee you can count on

  • Attentive customer care that puts your needs first 

In a world full of tough choices, we try to make this one easy. Call us today to get a completely free estimate for our residential or commercial pest control services in Washington and surrounding areas

Home Pest Control In Washington, UT

a beautiful home in waskington utah prptected against pests year round

There are all kinds of pests in the Washington, UT area that pose a significant threat to your home and everyone in it. Termites, carpenter ants, and more will chew or dig through the wooden portions of your home’s foundation and cause severe damage, over time, unless the infestation is spotted early. Rodents, roaches, and other pests can spread dangerous bacteria all over your meal-preparation areas, leading to health threats like salmonella, E.coli, and many more. 

When you partner with Evolve Pest Control, we’ll put the needs of everyone in your home first. That means we will create a pest-free home. That’s a guarantee, but we also promise to do it in such a way as to bring no harm to the surrounding environment as we create a protective barrier around your home. Call us today to get your completely free estimate on our innovative eco-friendly pest control products. 

Commercial Pest Control In Washington, UT

When you begin to notice pest problems in your commercial facility, remember that you aren’t the only one noticing them. If customers start seeing pest activity in your business facility, they are far less likely to come back. In fact, it’s much more likely that they’ll talk about it or post a picture of it on social media, leading to a severe hit to your reputation in the Washington area community. 

To avoid costly pest infestations, you need professional pest control that works as hard as you do for your business. Our Evolve Pest Control commercial facility specialists will inspect your property thoroughly before agreeing on a plan with you, one that can guarantee the safety of everyone who spends time in your business facility. Give us a call today for your free estimate or contact us online.

How To Control Termites On Your Washington Property

Termites are one of nature’s slowest moving natural disasters, but the time to deal with termites is now. Allowing a termite infestation to go unchecked on your property could lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, and a lot of that damage could be avoided if you put your trust in professional pest control technicians that have your back. 

While there are a lot of ways to prevent termites from invading your home such as limiting moisture buildup, removing moisture-damaged wood immediately, and storing firewood away from the house and off the ground, these methods cannot provide the guarantee that Evolve Pest Control termite specialists can. 

With an annual termite inspection, we can ensure that termites are not damaging your home from the inside out. Plus, our termite-prevention methods are always backed by our money-back guarantee. You can rest assured that we have a vested interest in keeping your home termite-free, making what’s most important to you most important to us as well. Give us a call today for an estimate on the most effective termite control in the Washington area.

Three Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes In Washington, UT

If mosquitoes are invading your Washington area yard, they’ll pose a severe health threat to anyone enjoying time outside. Since mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases through their feeding tubes from bite victim to bite victim, one in every three hundred mosquito bites (on average) results in harmful illnesses such as Dengue fever, West Nile virus, or Zika virus. 

The best three things you can do to limit mosquito activity in your Washington yard are:

  • Limiting standing water (their favorite breeding ground)

  • Utilizing citronella, lavender, and other mosquito-repelling scents

  • Enlisting the help of experienced, professional mosquito technicians 

Unfortunately, once mosquitoes breed in standing water, pouring the water out won’t necessarily break the breeding cycle. That’s why treating the water with professional, eco-friendly solutions is a much more effective way to keep your yard and family safe from the dangers of invasive mosquitoes. 

Our mosquito technicians are highly trained to spot potential breeding areas that need to be treated and other high-traffic mosquito areas that need to be treated regularly. We’ll set up a customizable plan for your yard and property. Call us today to get more information or a free estimate on our innovative mosquito control treatments.

How To Know If Rodents Have Taken Over Your Washington Property 

Rodents are both very sneaky and very dangerous pests to find around your Washington property; however, identifying their presence isn't simple. Rats and mice make it their mission to remain as hidden as possible, and may not present any glaring signs and symptoms until the infestation has hit a pivotal peak.

Thankfully, rodents aren't as thorough as they might like to believe. There are some common signs and symptoms that help identify whether or not rodents have taken over your Washington property.

Below are just a few of the most common to consider:

  • The presence of rodent droppings: Mouse droppings are often small and pointed at both ends, while rat droppings are large and blunt in shape.
  • Dark marks on baseboards: The oily bodies of rodents often leave a greasy streak around the areas they frequent.
  • Gnaw marks: These can be found on furniture such as table legs, food items (especially in packages), and certain walls or structural supports.

If you believe to have found any of these symptoms in your Washington property, it's time to immediately get started with professional rodent control services. Evolve Pest Control is more than willing to help, with years of experience managing rats, mice, and so much more.

Contact Evolve Pest Control today to discuss your options with a trained technician.

Washington's Complete Guide To Keeping The Spiders Out

We all know that spiders have the best of intentions. Not only do these arachnids help to control pest infestations by preying on smaller bugs, but their presence may even reduce your risks of an overarching infestation.

Of course, spiders aren’t necessarily the best form of pest control. And thanks to their unsettling features and potential to inflict bites of their own, their presence shouldn’t be welcome around any Washington property. If you’re interested in keeping spiders well away from your home or business, Evolve Pest Control suggests starting with the basics. 

First, eliminate entry points that may allow pests and spiders to enter your home. Next, remove all areas of standing water that may attract them deeper into the property. Finally, schedule regular pest inspections to identify secondary infestations. These may be drawing spiders indoors by accident, and will resolve both issues within just a few treatments.

Evolve Pest Control has offered spider inspections in Washington for many years. We would be honored to provide the same thing for your home or business. Submit an online contact form to schedule your appointment.

Answers To Common Scorpion Questions In Washington 

Life in Washington is nothing short of unique. This means dealing with unique situations, unique weather, and of course, unique pest populations. Scorpions are perhaps the most unique of all, and prove to be highly concerning to home and business owners all over Washington. 

Evolve Pest Control believes that knowledge is power, and is happy to provide thorough answers to some of the most common questions we receive regarding scorpion control, management, and attractant factors.

Q: Are all scorpions dangerous?

A: Despite what many people believe, not all scorpions are dangerous. The most dangerous species in McKinney includes the Arizona bark scorpion, which has been shown to be deadly under certain circumstances. Keep in mind that all scorpion species possess some form of venom, but their stings usually feel no worse than a bee sting. Allergic individuals may still feel the effects of anaphylactic shock.

Q: What attracts scorpions to my property?

A: Scorpions are attracted to yards and gardens by the presence of other insects. Pests such as spiders, beetles, and other moderately sized creatures serve as a food source for hungry scorpions. Additionally, puddling water, dense vegetation, and craggy hiding places may serve as long-term housing sites.

Q: How can I control scorpions in Washington?

A: The best form of scorpion control involves professional management, and not guesswork, DIY, or prevention steps. Evolve Pest Control offers multiple methods of treatment to keep scorpions well away from your local home or business.

Get started on a solution that’s custom-made for your needs by calling our office today.

Bed Bugs In Washington: Finding And Eliminating Them 

Bed bugs in Washington are extremely difficult to spot without professional experience. These tiny pests are only the size of an apple seed, and are almost never out in the open during the morning or even late daytime hours.

Fortunately, there are some ways of finding and eliminating bed bugs without the stress of DIY bed bug control, including professional pest management. At Evolve Pest Control, we simplify the entire bed bug control process by providing identification services, offering treatment options, and supplying follow-up services even after our work is done.  

Get rid of bed bugs in Washington fast by calling up the team at Evolve Pest Control.


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