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Founded in 1850, the city of Waxahachie, TX, is known as the “Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas.” Every year, the city streets are lined with blooming, pink crape myrtles. It’s a beautiful site to see, and a great place to call home. However, pests also love it here in Waxahachie. These unwelcome visitors are eager to get into our homes and businesses to access sources of food, water, and shelter. If you want to effectively guard your property from pest infestation, it’s a good idea to reach out to the pest professionals.
Evolve Pest Control at your service. Since 2010, we’ve been protecting local properties from the dangers of pest infestation. We’re proud to service homes and businesses throughout Ellis County and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services. 

Home Pest Control In Waxahachie, TX

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If you’re looking for complete pest protection for your Waxahachie home, you’ve come to the right place. We provide dependable residential pest solutions that local homeowners can depend on throughout the year. Beginning with the exterior, we offer a variety of treatments that are customized to meet your needs:

  • Spraying around windows and doors.

  • Sweeping and spray treatments for fence line perimeter.

  • De-webbing eaves and other areas.

  • Treating and eliminating sources of standing water.

  • Using granulated pest control products to treat lawn and shrubbery.

  • Ant control treatments for black ants, pharaoh ants, and fire ants.

Moving on to the interior, we treat cracks and crevices around the house, looking for common area invaders such as ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Along with our general pest control solutions, we offer additional services for bed bug control, bee control, interior flea control, German cockroach control, mosquito control, rodent control, and termite control. Reach out to us to get your complimentary, over-the-phone estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In Waxahachie, TX

In order to effectively guard your Waxahachie business from the dangers of pest infestation, the best way to go is to secure ongoing services from a team of experienced pest professionals. We offer customized commercial pest control solutions to a variety of facilities, some of which include casinos, educational facilities, homeowner’s associations, restaurants, veterinary clinics, and warehouses. 
We use high quality pest products to bring your business the pest-free results you’re looking for. After treatment is complete, we return monthly or bi-monthly to provide you with ongoing monitoring services to protect your property throughout the year. We also work hard to offer thorough customer communication in order to bring you the best pest control solutions possible. Call us today to get started.

Why Professional Help Is Necessary For Termite Control In Waxahachie

Termites are infamous moisture pests that are notorious for tunneling through and feeding on the structural timbers of our property. These destructive wood-eating intruders can cause serious damage, exposing you to unsafe conditions. The best way to approach your termite control needs is to rely on the pest professionals. 
Dealing with termites on your own isn’t really an option. As they eat their way through moisture damaged and rotting wood, they spread their populations throughout your property, causing widespread damage to the structure. Only a team of pest professionals can tackle the issue at large, addressing multiple problem areas and dealing with various active sites at the same time.
Something else to consider is the fact that most homeowners’ insurance plans don’t include termite damage. That means that not only is your property vulnerable, but so are your finances. It’s much more effective and economical to rely on a team of pest professionals. Evolve Pest Control brings Waxahachie property owners ongoing termite control solutions that give you the protection you deserve. Call today to learn more.

What Is The Best Way To Deter Spiders From Waxahachie Homes?

Experiencing a spider infestation is a real nightmare that no homeowner wants to deal with. These creepy crawlers spread rapidly, exposing you and your loved ones to a large-scale infestation. If you want to be proactive in your spider control efforts, consider the following preventative tips:

  • Maintain proper drainage, and reduce excess moisture in and around your home.

  • Keep vegetation nice and trim; remove weeds and debris from your property.

  • Remove spider webs and egg sacs from inside the house using a vacuum; dispose of the vacuum bag in a trash bin with a fitted lid.

  • Seal up any openings, cracks, and crevices that insects and spiders can enter through.

  • Shake out your shoes, clothing, towels, and linens; reduce clutter as spiders love to hide in piles.

While these efforts can be helpful, the most effective way to deal with a spider infestation is still to call in the experts. The team at Evolve Pest Control provides comprehensive spider control and prevention services that promise to eliminate all spider activity from your home. Contact us today to get started.

Warning Signs Of Ant Infestations In Waxahachie Homes And Yards

The occurrence of an ant infestation is a large-scale problem that can quickly get out of control if not addressed promptly. The sooner you detect ant activity, the better your chances of minimizing the scope of the infestation. To help you in your ant detection efforts, here are some common warning signs of ant infestations in Waxahachie homes and yards:

  • Ant mounds, nests, and colonies around your yard
  • Ant pathways leading in and out of the property
  • Ants crawling on food, in the kitchen and other food prep areas
  • Ant trails and any trails of food remnants or crumbs

If you notice any of these signs, the best thing you can do is to contact the professionals as soon as possible. Here at Evolve Pest Control, we provide year-round ant control and prevention services. Not only will our team detect and exterminate all ant activity, but we will also protect you from infestation moving forward. Call us today to get started.

Four Common Myths About Bed Bugs In Waxahachie

You may have heard a thing or two about bed bug infestation. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there. The team at Evolve Pest Control is here to help set the record straight. Here are four common myths about bed bugs in Waxahachie:

1) Myth – You will only find bed bugs in your bed.

  • The truth is, while you may commonly find them in bedding, sheets, and linens, you can actually discover bed bugs anywhere with nearby access to their food source, human blood.

2) Myth- Bed bugs can fly from one place to another.

  • The truth is bed bugs do not have wings and cannot fly. They hitchhike from one place to another by latching onto another object or person moving between rooms.

3) Myth – Bed bugs only bite at night.

  • The truth is, while they’re considered nocturnal, bed bugs do occasionally come out during the light daytime hours to feed on the blood of their host.

4) Myth – Bed bugs only infest unsanitary places.

  • The truth is bed bugs can be found in any type of property, no matter how neat and sanitary. While eliminating clutter will reduce potential harborage spots, bed bugs do not infest according to cleanliness.

We recommend relying on a team of qualified pest professionals for the most effective solution to your bed bug problem. Evolve Pest Control offers complete bed bug detection and extermination services that are guaranteed to eliminate all bed bug activity from your property. Get in touch with us to learn more about our bed bug treatments and how your property can benefit from our protection.

Waxahachie's Step-By-Step Guide to Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can cause widespread contamination, and as very unsanitary pests, they can seriously compromise your health and well-being. There are some preventative measures that you can take to reduce your chances of experiencing a cockroach infestation. Here is Waxahachie’s step-by-step guide to cockroach control:

  • Don’t leave any food out, including pet food.
  • Keep your household appliances clean.
  • Keep your property clean and free of clutter.
  • Reduce sources of humidity and excess moisture.
  • Store food in a tightly sealed container, pet food included.
  • Use weather stripping around windows and doors.

While these are all great ways to avoid cockroaches, the truth is none of them are entirely reliable on their own. The most effective way to protect your property from cockroach infestation is to contact the team at Evolve Pest Control. Our cockroach control and prevention services give you lasting coverage that you can trust. Call today to get started. We’re eager to help.

Are Flea Infestations In Waxahachie Preventable?

Flea infestation is a real nightmare, which is why it’s important to be proactive in preventing them from entering your property in the first place. If you want to keep fleas away from your property, there are a variety of factors to consider. Here are some ways to prevent flea infestation in Waxahachie:

  • Keep other pests away so that fleas don’t ride in on them.
  • Treat your dog with a flea bath/flea spray.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about using monthly flea treatments and preventative medicine.
  • Regularly wash all bedding, linens, laundry, and upholstery that come into contact with your pets.
  • Use outdoor flea repellent on the exterior of your home to reduce chances of infestation.

If you suspect flea activity around your property, we suggest taking action immediately. The best way to deal with the situation is to call in the pest professionals. Evolve Pest Control is here to address all of your flea control and prevention needs. Reach out to us today to set up an initial inspection, and we’ll get started right away.


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