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Only a mere matter of miles from the center of Fort Worth, the suburban city of White Settlement is a destination for both families and individuals. Home to attractions like the Texas Civil War Museum, diverse restaurants, and good public schools, residents here have it all. Given the area’s consistently warm and dry conditions, it is, unfortunately, an area where pest problems abound.

Luckily, Evolve Pest Control is here to solve all of your pest problems. With more than a decade of experience, we’re the team that homeowners and businesses turn to for both ongoing and pest-specific help. With our dedication to integrity, quality, and honesty, you can rest assured that you are always receiving the very best. For more information on how we can help keep your property in White Settlement and surrounding areas free from pests, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In White Settlement, TX

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City life in White Settlement can be bustling, so when pest problems happen, you don’t necessarily have the time to deal with the stress that they pose. At Evolve Pest Control we’re here to be your partner in pests. For more than 10 years, we’ve been the team that local homeowners turn to for all of their pest problems and it’s because we don’t compromise our integrity. With highly trained and trusted technicians, eco-friendly products, and customizable options that suit your schedule and budget, Evolve Pest Control is the clear choice. Contact us today for more information on how we can protect your home from pest problems. 

Commercial Pest Control In White Settlement, TX

When pest problems occur in White Settlement businesses, they can be truly detrimental. They can put your staff’s and customers' health at risk, be costly to rectify and sully your reputation. At Evolve Pest Control, we are committed to making sure this never happens, or if it does, that we handle it thoroughly and without further interruption. With completely customizable treatment and maintenance processes, we are able to provide commercial customers with pest control solutions that are safe, effective, and meet all industry standards. For more than a decade, we’ve been the pest experts that businesses rely on because we offer eco-friendly solutions, have a team of highly trained technicians, and because we don’t waver on the importance of integrity. If your business could benefit from professional commercial pest control, contact us today for more information. 

Ridding Roaches From Your White Settlement Home

Cockroaches thrive in cities like White Settlement, crawling into your home and infesting your food with bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. Because cockroaches can be so difficult to get rid of, preventing them is key. Here are a few tips to make your home as unappealing to them as possible:

  • Avoid leaving dishes stacked up in the sink.

  • Always store your food in secure containers.

  • Address any moisture issues, like leaky faucets, pipes, showerheads, and bathtubs.

  • Opt for a garbage bin with a functioning lid, taking out the trash regularly, and making sure that the bin itself is clean.

  • Tidy up spills and crumbs regularly.

  • Limit the number of places where you eat.

For more information on keeping your home roach-free, contact Evolve Pest Control today.

All The Problems Rodents Bring To Properties In White Settlement

You may have rodents living in your White Settlement property right now and you wouldn’t even know it. These sneaky, nocturnal pests sneak around homes and businesses in search of food, water, and shelter when the conditions in this part of Texas become unbearable. They begin by either squeezing through small openings around your property, by utilizing sewers or climbing overhanging tree branches. In the case of small openings, some mice might be inclined to chew at them to make them larger. This, however, makes your property more susceptible to other pest infestations, as cracks and crevices are a key entry point for many kinds of pests. Once they’ve made it inside, one of the biggest problems that rodents pose is the slew of health risks. Via their droppings, urine, and saliva, rodents are capable of passing along hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever, to name a few. They also carry with them parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, and the health risks that those pests bring. Because they’re super chewers, rodents may also leave your walls unstable from all of the burrowing they do. They have also been known to chew on electrical wires, which, in some cases, can lead to house fires. 

Rodents are a very difficult pest to catch and then to eradicate, which is why before you have a rodent problem or once you notice one, the safest thing you can do is contact Evolve Pest Control immediately. Call us today for more information on keeping rodents out of your property.  


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